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Block Paved Driveways

When you're heading up your driveway, does it look old and abandoned due to all of the built-up moss and algae spotting and stains from years of neglect? If the driveway of your  property has been neglected or you've tried every over-the-counter cleaning agent to revive it yourself, then you should call in the specialists here at driveway restoration specialists.

Not cleaning your driveway regularly can actually damage a block paved surface, stains can become permanent and create additional impairments such as cracks and gaps.

While those issues may not seem like big ones, in time, unwanted plants and vermin can begin to live in the gaps, which will cause them to widen more and eventually ruin your driveway. 

Here at Driveway Restoration Specialists we can fully restore your driveway we offer a range of cleaning options and are one of the leading driveway companies throughout Teesside the Northeast and North Yorkshire we are the restoration specialists.

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